Subject: Re: Do we have anyone from core on this team I don't recognize any names.
To: Brian Buhrow <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/1997 15:18:27
> Do we have anyone from core on this team?

I did a quick web search for the names on his list.

> Marc Ewing,
Works at RedHat.

> Dion Johnson,
Works at SCO.

> Evan Leibovitch,
Uses RedHat Linux, is an SCO reseller.

> Bruce Perens,
Boatload of Debian Linux bug reports, wonder what he runs?

> Andrew Roach,
???  I think I saw his name in discussions about Slowlaris.

> Bryan Sparks
Lord High Everything Else at Caldera, people selling a stretch Linux.  (Did
you know that Intel Linux is a 64/32-bit operating system?  Or is that just
a fancy way of saying "two bit"...)

> Linus Torvalds
Um, I forget.

I don't see anyone from FreeBSD there.
I don't see anyone from NetBSD there.
I don't know who is at BSDI, but none of those people seem to have any
affiliation with BSDI.  
Despite this, they proclaim that they are going to standardize all of

     SCO OpenServer 
     Sunsoft Solaris 
     SCO UnixWare

using, of course, the GNU C library.

My bet:  some manager at SCO stumbled across an old, dusty tape of the
System V Vivisection Suite obtained from AT&T and decided to resurrect it.
Of course, they needed Linus' buy-in since the dominant System V compatible
OS is now probably Linux...

Five will get you ten this works just as well as AT&T's attempt to standardize
everyone else out of competition.