Subject: Re: Cross "make build"/"make snapshot"
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Skippy Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/1997 14:21:32
> As another effort to find "small worthwhile fixes" for 1.3, I'm currently
> making a cross compile system to build an i386 snapshot on a sparc box.  So,
> give or take a couple days, I will be posting results, with any necessary
> additions/diffs to make the cross snapshot build properly.  (I can already
> tell you, looking at some makefiles, that it won't work out of the box.) 
> Hopefully, this procedure will make building -current bins for slower
> machines (sun3, vax, ...) easier for those that have NetBSD on a faster
> machine.  Besides, we should support a fully working cross environment
> anyway.  :)

It's not easy, but it's been done. Ian Dall has gotten patches
together which patch the NetBSD gas and ld to work. Well, to xcompile
m68k on i386. He and Scott Ellis made a strip68k which will correctly
strip m68k files on an i386.

The real solution'd be to teach the GNU tool chain how to deal
with NetBSD shared libraries, either by adding NetBSD shared lib
support to the aout tools, or moving all of NetBSD to elf.

Take care,