Subject: Re: Installboot????
To: None <>
From: Ronald Khoo <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/1997 12:31:51
> > I can boot wd0a:/netbsd via the floppy, but
> > My bios does not appear to see the OS on the drive
> > so I cannot boot directly to the hard drive.
> Did you change something with the partitioning?
> What's the layout of the hard drive?

While we're on the topic :-)  I noticed that the new bootblocks
don't seem to work if you haven't either got a DOS MBR+partition table
or start ?d0a at the beginning of the drive.

For example, I had a disc with

	cyl 0 unused
	cyl 1 to n swap
	cyl n+1 to end wd0a

No matter what I did with installboot, I'd still end up with old boot
block being run :-)  When I zapped cyl 0 with /dev/zero deliberately,
I'd never get a working bootblock again.

I guess this is deliberate and expected behavior with the new bootblocks ?

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