Subject: Re: today's -current can't be (easily) installed except on yesterday's?
To: Frank van der Linden <>
From: John F. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/12/1997 10:25:40
> You made the right moves, but the new kernel crashing got you in a
> tight spot. Old utilities, new libraries, new kernel should work.
> Provided that you have COMPAT_12 in your kernel, I should have mentioned
> that in my "heads up" message.. 

Yup, it was just the kernel crash which was my problem.  (I now suspect it
was crashing on loading the XFree86 aperature driver, since that was about
the right place and that's an ideal way to crash if you are mistaken about
which kernel symbol table to use!)

One strange thing, however:  I have the Columbia Appletalk Protocol package
installed, and haven't recompiled it yet.  It worked fine with the July 13
kernel, but now it fails during startup with the following message:
"abwrite: Message too big".  It is either trying to do a sendmsg() or a
sendto() (I'm not sure offhand which conditional compilation flags I've got
enabled).  Has the format of a struct iovec changed recently?  Are there any
other really obvious forehead-slapping kinds of things that are suggested
by this paltry evidence, or am I going to have to dig more here?  (And should
I bother digging for the problem, or just recompile?)