Subject: i386 ie driver doesn't detect cards?
To: None <port-i386@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/07/1997 09:14:28
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Okay, I brought this up way back when 1.2 was the latest release, when I was
using i386 as my platform.  I switched to sparc not too long after, but I
have to build another i386 box, and the problem is still there in both 1.2.1
and -current.  (OpenBSD is no better, just for a matter of comparison.)

The EE16 (ie*) driver doesn't work.

I have a stack of about a dozen (older?) Intel EtherExpress 16 cards, all
BNC/AUI (no UTP), and a couple have an even older label:  "Intel 8/16 Lan
Card" (though they is supposedly functionally identical to the EE16, and use
the same driver on many OSes).  I'd like to see the ie driver work on these
cards, because the cards have the chip supposedly used by the ie driver. 

You can't set these to IRQ 7, or at least, the softset won't let you, so
they cannot be ie0.  However, the settings for ie1 I used--0x300, IRQ 10,
and mapped memory at D000h.  Speaking of which, should I be setting it to
16k or 32k mapped memory?  Not that it matters; I get the same results with
no mapped memory.

Strangely enough, on 1.2 the cards are recognized incorrectly as NE2000
clones (ed2).  1.2.1 fixes that problem, but now the cards aren't recognized
at all (same deal on -current).

Is the ie driver missing some identification bytes?  Is there somewhere in
if_ie.c's attach routine that I can dump an ID byte debug and find out what
it's really reporting?  I have an odd feeling that just recognition of the
card will let the driver work properly.

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