Subject: Re: More pppd news... sort of. :/
To: Colin Wood <>
From: Mason Loring Bliss <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/1997 23:26:08
On 9/30/97 at 5:59 PM -0400, you wrote:

> Well, I don't know about why your old pppd is not working for you, but
> there is a small problem with the new version.  It doesn't set clocal
> while running the chat script, so the chat script doesn't get run
> properly.

Hm... I don't remember seeing a solution posted, but I'll check the
archives just in case there's something I've missed. Oh, wait. I can't
check the archives. Drat... Um... Heh! Do you (or does anyone else?) have
any quick and dirty solutions handy?

> The above might be the result of your needing to turn the modem
> off and back on again

I've tried this several times, and with several durations. It doesn't fix
it for me. :/

> BTW, if you are going to be running/following -current, you should
> subscribe to the current-users mailing list.  Then you'll know when this
> kind of thing happens :-)  It's been discussed there for about a week.

I read current-users, and I post to it, probably with an annoying
frequency. :) The only thing I remember coming up was a problem where the
default route wasn't set.

I just snagged the pppd binary from the June 1st mac68k snapshot, and it's
also 2.3.0b5. This version has worked for me before, and there haven't been
any changes to /etc/ppp/*. It gives me the expected "serial port looped
back" message.

I had an active, working, pretty much flawless PPP connection running this
morning. I snagged the latest binaries using this PPP connection. I
installed the binaries, rebooted, and now pppd consistently and
unswervingly tells me that my serial line is looped back. This hasn't ever
happened before, and other software has no trouble using the modem. It's
*just* pppd that is having trouble. Both versions 2.3.0b5 and 2.3.1 are
giving me this message, which, since I've had 2.3.0b5 working before, leads
me to believe that the problem may be elsewhere. I can, and do,
successfully use my modem with uucp, and I can talk to it and get it to
dial with "cat > /dev/tty01", but pppd can no longer talk. I don't know of
any software that acts as an intermediary between pppd and /dev/tty01, and
I know that the hardware is fine, so I assume that the problem lies with
pppd. However, my pppd configuration hasn't changed, and I've tried the
older version I had been using, so I assume that the problem doesn't lie
with pppd. Going by all of these assumptions, I have no problem, and my
connection works properly. But, as this isn't the case, I must conclude
that there's some part of this about which I'm unaware.

<meek voice> Help?

Side note: I tried running things manually, like so:

chat -v -f /etc/ppp/manualchat </dev/tty01 >/dev/tty01
pppd /dev/tty01 38400 modem crtscts defaultroute lock passive

The chat script I set up seems to be logging me on properly, but pppd
squeaks to me of the following:

Sep 30 23:10:32 acheron pppd[2875]: LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests

Note that when I use Bill's standard ppp-up script, the chat session never
happens at all. I think pppd is telling me my serial line is looped because
it's trying to send packets without a modem connection. Just a guess. If
this is correct, however, then I'm curious as to why pppd behaves
differently all of a sudden.

Thanks graciously and in advance for any help offered...

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