Subject: Re: CVS question
To: matthew green <>
From: enami tsugutomo <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/1997 14:51:01
matthew green <> writes:

> i found recently that if i use 'cvs co -jfoo -jbar' with foo and
> bar being two release tags from a vendor branch (eg, i found it
> with less-321 and less-332), and a file has been removed in the
> more recent tag (`bar' in this example), then cvs automatically
> scheduled this file for removal for me (in the newly checked out
> tree).

(I knew and used more than half year ago to maintain local NetBSD CVS
tree at home :-).  It schedules removal from main trunk and works only
when full set of files are imported.  But Bill imports only necessary
set of files (in other words, files added or modified).

Since the way he want was the way to delete files on vendor branch,
the solution is first to checkout files with _specifying vendor tag_
(as John's script do (cvs checkout -rNetBSD ...) or example in my last
mail do (cvs checkout -rX ...)).  Then, cvs remove and cvs commit
delete the file on vendor branch.  One point is numric tag 1.1.1 can't
used there.