Subject: Re: CVS question
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: enami tsugutomo <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/1997 11:53:03
Bill Studenmund <> writes:

> The idea (I think; I was given the scripts) is to not have EVERY file in
> the repository grow by 100 bytes (or so) EVERY import. At 512 byte
> fragments, that's a new fragment every week or so, for every file in the
> repository. :-(

Hmm, I see.  But I think extra bytes needs for RCS file is 20 bytes or
so.  Probably, original auther cares total time to import.

> > At least you can checkin revison with state `dead' by playing
> > with RCS file directly.  I don't know how to this in CVS manner.
> That might be what I need to do. :-(

I've found that file can `remove (i.e. mark as dead)' from vendor
brach by usual step but specifying -rVENDOR_TAG when first checkout.


Here is what I did to test.  The last seven line is significant.

% cd /tmp
% mkdir cvsroot
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot init
% mkdir x
% cd x
% echo this is file > file
% echo this is tako > tako
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot import -m 'x version 1' x X x-1
% echo tako tako >> file
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot import -m 'x version 2' x X x-2
% rm tako
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot import -m 'x version 3' x X x-3
% cd /tmp
% mkdir xx
% cd xx
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot checkout -jx-2 -jx-3 x
% cd x
% cvs commit -m 'x version 3 is merged'
% cd /tmp
% rm -rf xx
% mkdir xx
% cd xx
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot checkout -rX x
% cd x
% rm tako
% cvs remove tako
% cvs commit -m 'remove tako in vendor branch'
% cvs log tako
% cvs -d /tmp/cvsroot rdiff -rX x