Subject: Re: bin/4167: WIBNI sh supported file/command/etc completion?
To: Curt Sampson <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/27/1997 21:35:24
At 06:17 PM 9/27/97 -0700, Curt Sampson wrote:
>On Sat, 27 Sep 1997, John Nemeth wrote:
>>      I think job control is very useful, but I don't see any need for
>> command line editing or filename completion in a minimal shell.  Don't
>> people know how to type anymore?
>I guess not. I only type at 90 wpm. :-/
>Surely I'm not the only one regularly generating several-hundred-character
>shell scripts from the command line.

I do it but I use ksh for that. :-)
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