Subject: Re: bin/4167: WIBNI sh supported file/command/etc completion?
To: der Mouse <>
From: Perry E. Metzger <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 23:24:53
der Mouse writes:
> Bloat is a nickle-and-dime thing.  80K isn't much.  80K times half a
> dozen programs still isn't much.  But I've found that taking care of
> the pennies does a wonderful job of taking care of the pounds too.

Right now, 80k of disk space costs less than a penny. It isn't even a
nickle and dime issue any longer.

In another year, 80k of disk space will cost half of what it does now,

Frankly, it isn't worth even a moment's consideration for me to spend
time trying to literally save a couple of pennies. Hell, even if the
NetBSD distribution could be shrunk to save me a whole couple of
dollars worth of disk space it wouldn't be worth my time EVEN AT
MINIMUM WAGE to pay attention.

The only place this matters is on our build disks, where we have
-DSMALL and such to deal with the problem.