Subject: Re: Going from 1.2 to -current
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 14:39:34
>* You cannot use the 1.2 make(1) to "make includes" in a -current source
>  tree, because the Makefiles use some of the new features in
>  /usr/share/mk/*.
>* You can't use the new mk.* files because your 1.2 make(1) doesn't properly
>  grok them.
>* You can't build a new make(1) because you need to "make includes".
>* (see the first bullet above)
>This is why I said that life is easier when you just snag a make(1) out of
>the snapshot.  Hand-installing the -current includes is not my idea of

hmm...i think what i did was option number 4, aka

* build -current make (with 1.2 toolchain) and then start installing
  mk.* stuff, and other stuff...

>Anyway, the point is.. it's not intuitive how you would do this relatively
>cleanly in 50 keystrokes or less.  What I did worked.

i just sat and planned it out.  i didn't wanna compile myself into a

i remade make and config, then built my new kernel, and then continued
on in much the same manner you did.  i was expecting problems (since
there had been so much discussion on this list) but didn't have any...


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