Subject: Re: Going from 1.2 to -current
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 13:35:04
Verily did Andrew Brown write:

>> Yes.  The first paragraph mentions that I used a -current make(1) and
>> kernel from the snapshot (or friend(7)).  Bootstrapping a build of make
>> is nonintuitive at this point.

> ah.  i missed that.  but i don't think it's non-intuitive.  you're
> installing the new mk.* files, and make is a very essential part of
> the toolchain.

I wholeheartedly agree that make(1) is required.  That's part of the
problem.  :>

Here's the sequence:

* You cannot use the 1.2 make(1) to "make includes" in a -current source
  tree, because the Makefiles use some of the new features in
* You can't use the new mk.* files because your 1.2 make(1) doesn't properly
  grok them.
* You can't build a new make(1) because you need to "make includes".
* (see the first bullet above)

This is why I said that life is easier when you just snag a make(1) out of
the snapshot.  Hand-installing the -current includes is not my idea of

Anyway, the point is.. it's not intuitive how you would do this relatively
cleanly in 50 keystrokes or less.  What I did worked.

-- Rob
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