Subject: Re: Going from 1.2 to -current
To: None <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 13:05:34
>>> When you use a -current make(1) with a 1.2.x libc, it complains about libc
>>> being an older rev than it was expecting, but still performs enough to
>>> rebuild make.
>> it shouldn't do this, as it would have been linked with the older
>> shared library.  did you use a make built somewhere else somehow?
>Yes.  The first paragraph mentions that I used a -current make(1) and
>kernel from the snapshot (or friend(7)).  Bootstrapping a build of make
>is nonintuitive at this point.

ah.  i missed that.  but i don't think it's non-intuitive.  you're
installing the new mk.* files, and make is a very essential part of
the toolchain.

>>> Also, a -current kernel doesn't like the old mount_mfs, which isn't a
>>> big deal, your compiles just uses ffs instead of mfs for temp space
>>> until you get your userland rebuilt.
>> you just need to rebuild the new kernel with a whole bunch on compat
>> the first time around...
>I used the GENERIC kernel.  What other compat_ is there?

i made a brand new config file for current that i intended to use in
"production" once the migration was finished.  it might have started
as a copy of the generic config, but it was changed heavily.  the
generic file usually has all the compat stuff in it though, so maybe
something which needs to be compat'ed was missed?

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