Subject: Re: Going from 1.2 to -current
To: Andrew Brown <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 11:47:11
Verily did Andrew Brown write:

>> When you use a -current make(1) with a 1.2.x libc, it complains about libc
>> being an older rev than it was expecting, but still performs enough to
>> rebuild make.

> it shouldn't do this, as it would have been linked with the older
> shared library.  did you use a make built somewhere else somehow?

Yes.  The first paragraph mentions that I used a -current make(1) and
kernel from the snapshot (or friend(7)).  Bootstrapping a build of make
is nonintuitive at this point.

>> Also, a -current kernel doesn't like the old mount_mfs, which isn't a
>> big deal, your compiles just uses ffs instead of mfs for temp space
>> until you get your userland rebuilt.

> you just need to rebuild the new kernel with a whole bunch on compat
> the first time around...

I used the GENERIC kernel.  What other compat_ is there?

-- Rob
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