Subject: The name of the game: bug wars
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/1997 09:42:43
Okay, I've had overwhelming response to the proposal to do an active hunt
down of (correctly) fixable bugs.  I have also received quite a bit of mail
about the methods used to summarize and keep track of them.  Here's what I
believe will be the plan; please let me know if you have any tweaks to add
before starting.

- I'll pull up categorized blocks of PR summaries from the gnats database.
  The categories will be blocked into the following:
	- */feedback (to verify that a bug is fixed; ultimately, these
		should be closed once verified satisfactorily)
	- port-* (each separate; should these be Cc:'d to the port's list as
		well as current-users?)
	- {bin,kern,lib,misc,security,standards}/suspended
	- bin/{open,analyzed} (broken into blocks of 40 or so)
	- kern/{open,analyzed} (broken into blocks of 40 or so)
	- lib/{open,analyzed} (broken into blocks of 40 or so)
	- misc/{open,analyzed}/doc-bug
	- misc/{open,analyzed}/{sw-bug,change-request,support}

- After going through the full PR's and gleaning a little bit of info, I'll
  tag each PR summary with some helpful information:
	- Related PRs, if known
	- Whether the PR is supplied with a possible patch
	- Clarification of bug, if not clear by subject line of PR
	- Any important comments added when state changed to "analyzed"

- The blocks of PR summaries will be posted to current-users, containing
  only the PR number, title, state, and additional info described above. 

- Anyone may volunteer to work on a prticular PR (or group of related PR's),
  by sending an e-mail stating an intention to swat a bug, and the state of
  the PR will be changed to "analyzed" with a tagged line stating the person
  attempting to produce a fix by the 1.3 freeze. 

- If a patch has been supplied with the PR, or a patch is produced by
  someone working on a PR, it will need a look-through of the code along
  with the consensus from at least N users (N to be determined) that the
  patch be committed, _without_ dissent. 

- In the case there is disagreement over a fix, and the PR is not critical
  to the reliability of the 1.3 release, debate is encouraged, but the PR
  will be put into "suspended" state until (and if) the debate works out to
  an agreement.

How's this sound so far?  We have two months, and a lot of bugs flying
about....  :)

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