Subject: Re: email reg... never mind...
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1997 18:16:51
der Mouse wrote:
> Sounds reasonable; the biggest problems I forsee are (1) human time and
> (2) update frequency.  Human time is a constant problem, and having one
> more thing to do can't help, though admittedly it's a small thing.
> Update frequency is a bigger problem.  The closest I'm running to
> current is about a month old, because I haven't sat down and brought
> any of my systems forward to current.  (A couple of people have
> indicated that current is even somewhat broken at the moment....)

Well, with (1), the person volunteering is saying they either will
have the time, or they are already tracking -current, so updating a
webpage doesn't take much time.  WRT (2), a problem I see is that someone
says "Runs with -current XYZ", but there is no way for me to get X/Y/Z
because the latest snapshot is ZYX.  They are more likely to get -current
from yesterday, or last week.  Knowing whether it runs -current is only
useful if you can get that -currrent.

> If the update frequency thing can be worked out or ignored, I can
> handle Sun-3/260 and, for as long as I'm with the relevant employers
> and they still let me play with the relevant machines, SPARC SLC and
> SPARCstation 2.  I don't do world builds nearly often enough to be said
> to be tracking -current, though; that's why update frequency
> particularly concerns me.

For me, I sup everyday, and my SS10 basically acts as an xterm, and
a 'make build' slave for sparc.  I generally have my PPro200 rebuild
everyday also, as it only takes 90 minutes.  I have considered putting
daily snapshots up for ftp, but don't know if it would be of any
value.  I could have an i386 snapshot automatically available within
a few hours of the sup run.

Well, I got sidetracked a bit, but anyway.  With all the people running
-current, it shouldn't be too difficult to have updated information.
Provided, of course, people were willing to take a little time to update
their entry.

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