Subject: X questions, SLiRP v. SLIP/IP-NAT question
To: None <>
From: Ivan Curtis <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/25/1997 10:23:07
Mason Loring Bliss <> writes:
 |Hi, all.
 |I'm wondering... How much memory does running X use? How much additional
 |drive space? I've got an SE/30 with eight megs of RAM and twenty of swap,
 |and if it's feasable, I'd like to start running X.

Yes it is feasible, in fact I am using it happily on an se/30 with 8M
ram, 16M swap and 80M of disk. I have a 1.2.1 install of the system,
with base replaced by snapshot 970829. A few caveats though: I saved
disk space by not installing the man pages. Also, be sure to use the
special server for the se/30 (see the X FAQ).

Some other replies:

"Colin Wood" <|
 |Well, it would be usable, but it might also be _slow_.  I think that the X
 |server itself takes up a fair chunk of RAM, like 6-8MB.  Of course, not
 |Keep in mind that running X on a 9" screen is probably going to be less
 |than thrilling.....but you never know.

It takes a while to start up (around 2 minutes from startx to xterm
up). With a couple of xterms and a remote emacs I am still not
swapping. Also, look into rxvt, a lighter xterm.

Sure, the screen is small, but *crisp*. My only gripe is that an extra
button on the mouse would be nice (an extra 2 even nicer).

Jim Wise <|
 |As far as X over 19200, this is going to be a royal pain.  Look into
 |using dxpc or lbx, both of which work by compressing and delta-ing

I couldn't get ppp to work faster than 19200 without overflow problems
at the mac end, but at 19200 it was workable doing xterms and emacs.
Small bitmaps were OK too. As long as you aren't expecting animation.
By all means, try dxpc.

On the other hand, I purchased an ethernet card for $15, and now it's
ok for anything. (Andrew Robbie)
 |I wouldn't be too hopeful. I guess you could get X running with those
 |resources, but actual X applications tend to need lots of grunt.
 |Would you be running the

Boy, that really depends on the application. Remember, we are talking
16MHz 68030 + FPU here. xterms and the like are a snack. Just be
prepared for big compiles to take you into swap (with or without X :-)

Wow, some of the replies sound a bit negative! All I can say is
"Luxury! When I were a lad.."

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