Subject: Re: X questions, SLiRP v. SLIP/IP-NAT question
To: Scott Smith , Jukka Marin <>
From: Armen Babikyan <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1997 22:46:05
At 6:21 PM -0500 9/24/97, Scott Smith wrote:
>On Wed, 24 Sep 1997, Jukka Marin wrote:
>> > > Well, my X server seems to use 35 MB right now.. plus some 40 MB for
>>the X
>> > > applications... ;-) :-(
>> >
>> NetBSD 1.2 / i386, XFree86 v3.3.  X server compiled not to use the internal
>> malloc (because it would make things extremely slow with Applixware).
>> I'm using a 16-bit display of 1280x1024, 19 windows (3*Netscape, 1*Applix,
>> several xterms etc).
>> Yeah, I sure wish it didn't eat up that much RAM.  :-I
>No, that's *got* to be impossible, you must be reading something wrong
>or *SOMETHING*.  The X server's binary size isn't even half that, so it
>can't take up that much memory.  My X server (XF86_SVGA) is under 3MB
>and it's *NOT* stripped.  You're reading something wrong or something..

maybe he's including everything that came with the base X11 distribution
(i.e. /usr/X11R6)


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