Subject: Re: X questions, SLiRP v. SLIP/IP-NAT question
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1997 15:15:46
Hi Mason,

--- on 9/24/97 11:56 AM , Mason.Loring.Bliss. wrote:

>I'm wondering... How much memory does running X use? How much additional
>drive space? I've got an SE/30 with eight megs of RAM and twenty of swap,
>and if it's feasable, I'd like to start running X.

Quite a few folks seem to be running X on SE/30 acceptably... I've got an 
SE/30 8/1080, running 1.2.1, but can't get X to work yet, seg fault and X 
dumps core:(  Since the system otherwise runs great, I've put this aside 
for awhile. When I have time, I'll install a -current snapshot and see if 
it helps. If you get it going, though, I'd greatly appreciate a note 
regarding your software versions...

>If I manage to get one of the jobs I'm pursuing, lots of this will be
>irrelevant, as my first monetary goal would be to pick up something with
>ethernet and lots of memory and drive space on which I can run NetBSD, but
>I'd like to consider the options available with my current setup, given
>that my resume hasn't pulled in any job offers yet. (If anyone out in the
>New England area hires mildly-experienced Unix admins, let's talk!)

We've got a major expansion underway at our Billerica, MA office... I'm 
sure they're looking for a few IT types. I don't know what's available, 
but check <> periodically and look for a link 
to 'employment opps'.

Good Luck in both ventures!


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