Subject: Re: proposal: NetBSD system buyer's directory
To: Andrew Robbie <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1997 14:31:17
> From: Andrew Robbie
>>From: Andrew Brown
>>perhaps something in the daily job that keeps track of how long the
>>machine has been up and (hypothetically) after it's been up for more
>>than 24 hours, sends the message in "/etc/registration" to root and
>>unlinks the file...?  the idea being they don't get it after the first
>>few reboots, but after it seems they've decided to stick with it for a
>Does anyone remember when Micro$oft released a beta version of Win95
>that (allegadly) tried to scan the hard disk for applications, compile a list
>of what software was installed (esp competing software), and automatically
>send it to MS when the user dialed in to MSN for the first time?

this would not be anywhere *near* as intrusive as that, and it
wouldn't be sent directly back to anybody associated with netbsd.  it
would (in my example) be a short questionaire sent to the admin of the
local machine (maybe not even sent?  maybe just tacked onto the end of
the local mailbox to circumvent and forwarding?) just once and that
would be it.  then they can fill it out and mail it, or not.

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