Subject: Re: recent spam attacks...
To: Jeff Thieleke <>
From: Raymond Wiker <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/24/1997 11:04:54
Jeff Thieleke writes:
 > Here is my first line of procmail defense against spam.  Team this
 > up with Spam Bouncer <>, and you
 > pretty much have total spam filtering.

 [ ... ]

 > # Dump the obvious spam before it gets any further
 > :0:
 > * ^Comments: Authenticated sender
 > * !^X-Mailer: Pegasus Mail
 > | $FORMAIL -A"X-Sorted: *** Authenticated SPAM! ***" >>$SPAMFOLDER

	This is *not* a good idea, *especially* if it's combined with
Spam Bouncer. There are people who use Pegasus Mail for legitimate
purposes... In fact, the "license" for Pegasus Mail states explicitly
that it should not be used for spamming.