Subject: Re: recent spam attacks...
To: None <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/23/1997 18:16:59
Brian Stark wrote:
> In regard to the numerous recent spam attacks to the email address
>, what do all of the subscribers think of 
> requesting the list to be moderated? By having the list moderated, it is 
> my belief that the moderator would be able to filter out the junk email 
> for all of us. 

The merits of this have been discussed on other lists quite often of late
(on port-mac68k in particular).  There are a number of reasons why I think
that this would be a bad idea...although some of them do no apply so well
to this list in particular (such as the need to make NetBSD information as
easily available as possible).
> Also, if anyone out there has any suggestions about ways to filter email 
> from this newsgroup please let me know. I receive this newsgroup on a 
> RS/6000 system running AIX 4.2 and I use pine for my email program. 

You can either use the filter program that comes with elm (assuming that
elm is installed on your system), even if you don't use elm itself you can
still use filter.  It is quite easy to set up a filter file.

The other option is to use procmail.  Procmail is a hell of a lot more
powerful than filter, but it is a bit harder to configure (well, until you
get the hang of it, I suppose).

Generally what I do is to add a line to my filter-rules file for every
domain that I receive spam from.  Currently I have 33 lines in my filter
file to handle SPAM.  This means that I do receive spam from a particular
domain at least once, but I shouldn't receive it twice.

I hope this helps.


Colin Wood                       
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