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Date: 09/22/1997 18:05:11
Greetings: Remnant Generation Of The Human Race.   

     It's Finally Time!  Millennium Seven Publishing Company's
 Global, New Age Announcement!  

     At Midnight, December 31, 2000, A Day, A Month, A Year,
A Decade, A Century and A Millennium will usher in a Brand New

     From time to time, throughout man's entire existence upon earth,
 documentation provides for us the fact that we are not alone.  
 Many times has the earth been visited by what we commonly
 refer to as Aliens. One such "encounter" has prompted an earthly
 emmissary to inform us all of the coming changes on our planet earth.          
     Soon there will be just one "People" remaining on the planet.
 This simple to read and easy to understand 97 page message provides
 all the necessary facts and instructions to insure everyone a successful
 arrival as the old order passes away.   
     Offered ONLY and exclusively on the internet, the book,
 "Bridge Across Deception", is destined to become a global best-seller.

                   "A Message For Everyone Under The Sun".
     Don't be un-informed!  Order your limited print copy today of the 
coming new Millennial scenario, simply print out the attached order-
 form and snail-mail it to us today...

Sincerely yours,

Terrance Hansen
Millennium Seven Publishing Co.
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