Subject: Re: Summary: PC Card support for my two PC Cards
To: James Mitchell <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/22/1997 13:02:16
> I have been looking at PCMCIA support lately as I just got my own laptop.
> While the Xircom Ethercard is not at the least supported by whatever stuff
> the RedHat Linux distribution uses in its install setup, it is listed as a
> supported card in the documents for the pcmcia-cs package for linux, and
> there is an aparently apropriate module for it too, so the travails to
> port to NetBSD are probably not quite so bad.
> 			James Mitchell

Would one of the guys working on the 'marc-pcmcia'  branch mind making
a little infomercial about the status, and possibly the projected merge
timeframe?  (please..)  I know you're all volunteers, but it shouldn't
take more than a couple minutes eh?

Much appreciated.

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