Subject: Summary: PC Card support for my two PC Cards?
To: Current-users <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kjetil B. Thomassen <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/21/1997 18:16:47
Some time ago I said:
> I have a Compaq LTE 5200 laptop with PC Card support.
> I have seen that there are some patches out there for current that
> will let this bus work, but as far as I know they are not up the
> the most current current.
> Also, before I try them I would like to know whether there is
> any support for the following PC Cards:
> - Xircom CreditCard Ethernet+Modem 33.6 (International version)
> - MagicRAM Saturn SCSI-2 card (rebadged Q-Logic card, unknown which)
> Could someone shed any light on this?

I didn't receive too much feedback on this, but here is one from:
> From: Lennart Augustsson <>
>> - Xircom CreditCard Ethernet+Modem 33.6 (International version)
> I've not checked lately, but when I last looked there were no drivers
> for any free OS (not even Linux) for Xircom cards because they refused
> to give out information on how they worked.

When I queried a bit more, he answered to my question:
>> What can I do about it?
> You can try and pester Xircom, or reverse engineer a Xircom driver.
> But the least effort is probably getting a a new card.  3Com works
> for me.

So, it looks as though the Xircom card was a mistake.

I'll have to do some more checking into this as I don't want to
fork out some more money now to solve this.

When it comes to the other card I have, this turns out that it is a:
(Qlogic Fast!SCSI PCMCIA & PCMCIA-10 Host Adapter)

And that it therefore probably can be driven by this esp driver:

This info was posted to current-users or port-i386 some time ago,
and I bookmarked it for later reference, and I now found it by

I haven't tried it, but I definitely will make a go at it when
I get back from the USA in three weeks time (or perhaps later).

So, thanks for all your help.

Kjetil B.