Subject: Re: ffs problem - disk in a total mess after fsck
To: Luke Mewburn <>
From: Thorsten Frueauf <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/20/1997 17:02:12

> as an aside; i *never* do fsck -y unless i've already run fsck and
> gotten a) inundated with a lot of 'answer y to fix' questions, and
> b) know i've got a usuable backup anyway...

Well, a) was the case, and I had no real choice with b) since fsck
usually did the right thing - and I did not expect that this powercylce
has such an impact...

> the mods in pass2.c are the largest changes, and whilst I don't think
> they'd cause a problem, you never know... also, maybe fs_unused_1 has
> some significance, but I couldn't see any reference to it in /sys/ufs/*
> (besides its definition)

Hmm, the most errors were repoerted while in pass 2.

> by hand.

Ok, expected that... so moving (with mv) them to the proper place should
be ok...

> maybe one is a deleted directory entry? i don't know :(

Hmm, I would really like to know if those entrys are harmfoul. How does
one delete a whole slot in fsdb? I only found rm/del which deletes the
name... but since I have two entrys with the same name...
And I don't think clri for 0 would be a good idea - since all those
"ghost" entrys refer to it.

> /usr wasn't mounted at the time, was it? from your message I don't
> think it was.

What do you mean by "that time" - when I fscked again and the previous
moved files ended up in lost+found again? That was after a reboot in
single user mode - nothing mounted yet.

> would a copy of fsck_ffs prior to the changes help?

Yes, you can send it uuencoded to Thanks in

The most annying thing is - it moved random parts of my source tree away
too - so I have to clear lost+found completely to be sure to get a
working tree again :/ And doing this by hand will take me some time...
I really hope a new fsck does not revert the whole work...


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