Subject: Re: I386 booting oddness
To: Luwenth the Lewd <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/17/1997 17:40:42
Luwenth the Lewd <> writes:

> Award Plug and Play Bios Extension v1.0A
> Copyright (C) 1997, Award Software, Inc.
>    Detecting HDD Primary Master   ... Maxtor 82560A4
>    Detecting HDD Primary Slave    ... CD-ROM TW120D
>    Detecting HDD Secondary Master ... NONE
>    Detecting HDD Secondary Slve   ... NONE <hang>

I had the _same_ problem with my P200 MMX I recently bought...  If I
installed a hard drive without a BIOS partition table, it would hang.
My solution was to throw the IDE drive out and use SCSI, but I did
get the IDE to boot by setting up a BIOS partition table and making
the only partition in there be NetBSD.

One other motherboard I had was more seriously brain damaged...  It would
only configure PCI devices if it needed them to boot.  This violates what
I understand the PCI spec requires -- the firmware is supposed to configure
the PCI devices.

The Award BIOS I now have even configures devices on the other side of
PCI bridges.  Pretty cool.