Subject: Re: I386 booting oddness
To: <>
From: Luwenth the Lewd <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/15/1997 19:06:26
Luwenth the Lewd <> writes:
=	I have a 200MMX which I can boot off of floppy, run install, do the
=extraction of all the parts, and on a reboot, it fails.
=	The manner of failure is that it stops after it autosenses the IDE
=chains, at this point it will let me hit delete and go to CMOS.
=	It will not boot off of floppy at this point.
=	If I tell it that it has no hard drives, I can then get it to boot
=off of floppy.
=	I'm trying to run 1.2G as there is an ATAPI CD-Rom in this machine.
=	-- Ricky

	Further information is as follows:

Award Modular Bios v4.51PG, An Energy Star Ally
Copyright (C) 1984-97, Award Software, Inc.

Release 07/07/1997 S

Pentium-MMX CPU at 200MHz
Memory Test: 65536K OK

Award Plug and Play Bios Extension v1.0A
Copyright (C) 1997, Award Software, Inc.
   Detecting HDD Primary Master   ... Maxtor 82560A4
   Detecting HDD Primary Slave    ... CD-ROM TW120D
   Detecting HDD Secondary Master ... NONE
   Detecting HDD Secondary Slve   ... NONE <hang>

	It does this with or without a bootable floppy in the drive.
	At this point, the only thing you can do is hit delete and go into
the CMOS settings.
	If you tell it explicitly what the hard drive is, and tell it not
to autodetect it, it can boot off of floppy, and then using the wdc
drivers, one can get at the hard drive no problem, but this is obviously a
less than optimal solution.
	Any ideas?  Any other data that would help?
	-- Ricky

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