Subject: Re: PostgreSQL anyone?
To: Jan-Hinrich Fessel <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/14/1997 12:12:28
Jan-Hinrich Fessel wrote:
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> In message <>you write:
> > I cannot currently run PostgreSQL, from what are as near as I can tell
> > bugs in the shared memory system...  Killing the postgres daemon crashes
> > my machine...
> > 
> > This is with 1.2G on an i386.  Are there people running this on 1.2G?
> No, i386 1.2D.  Works fine with postgresql  6.1.

Hmmmm...I just compiled it and tried it last night on 1.2G for mac68k, but
I get the following when trying to run initdb for the first time:

initdb: creating template database in /mnt/pgsql/data/base/template1
Running: postgres -boot -C -F -D/mnt/pgsql/data -Q template1
WARN:fmgr_info: function 0: cache lookup failed

longjmp botch.
Illegal instruction
initdb: could not create template database
initdb: cleaning up by wiping out /mnt/pgsql/data/base/template1

I had to muck with a header file to get it compile last night, so it's
possible I just need to do a gmake clean and redo gmake all....ugh.
Hopefully I can figure out where this is coming from without too much
trouble :-)

Thanks for everyone's replies.


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