Subject: Re: SCSI raw commands ...
To: Phil Nelson <>
From: enami tsugutomo <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/13/1997 11:13:36
Phil Nelson <> writes:

> cdrecord: Inappropriate ioctl for device. Cannot get SCSI addr.
> cdrecord: Cannot do inquiry for CD-Recorder.
> This software was able to do the above inquiry using /dev/cd0d with a
> July 31, 97 -current kernel.

This is because new member `type' is added to struct scsi_addr in
sys/scsiio.h.  So, the binary compatiblity has been lost.  Probably,
we should keep old ioctl interface for compatibilty, and create new
ioctl for scsipi probe and identify, shouldn't we?