Subject: can't create DMA maps
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: C Kane <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/11/1997 18:48:35
My system is NetBSD-1.2G/i386, a P60 with 40M ram and two SCSI disks
on a BusLogic controller.

After adding a SCSI tape, another SCSI drive, and another 56M ram
(although the BIOS sees all 96M of it, NetBSD only sees 64M of it),
the system has begun crashing during periods of heavy disk activity.

There were a couple of syslog errors on the screen:

02:00:20 /netbsd: nfsd send error 65
02:01:49 /netbsd: nfsd send error 65
02:02:28 /netbsd: nfsd send error 65

The system is a NFS server.
And then after some undetermined time interval:

panic: bha_init_ccb: can't create DMA maps
Stopped at       _Debugger+0x4: leave

At the "db>" prompt, I typed "trace" and got this (which has been typed
by hand and could have minor errors):

_Debugger(f824c1d8,fcd6ad04,f8102668,f81025a8,0) at _Debugger+0x4
_panic(f81025a8,0,f8834e00,1000,fcd6ad34) at _panic+0x46
_bha_init_ccb(f8834e00,f8aa0000,0,f8834e00,c0000840) at _bha_init_ccb+0x74
_bha_create_ccbs(f8834e00,0,0) at _bha_create_ccbs+0xb1
_bha_get_ccb(f8834e00,1011,f8a00c80,f8a00c80,f8831300) at _bha_get_ccb+0x73
_bha_scsi_cmd(f8a00c80) at _bha_scsi_cmd+0x2d
_scsi_execute_xs(f8a00c80,f8e3c140,fcd6ae00,6,fcd6ae14) at _scsi_execute_sx+0x24
_scsi_scsi_cmd(f8831300,fcd6ae00,6,fbf9e000,2000) at _scsi_scsi_cmd+0x97
_sdstart(f89188000,f891888a8,f8e3c140) at _sdstart+0x1fc
_sdstrategy(f8e3c140,fcd6ae74,f813267e,fcd6ae6c,f8e3c140) at _sdstrategy+0xcb
_spec_strategy(fcd6ae6c) at _spec_strategy+0x14
_bwrite(r8e3c140,fcd6ae94,f8132794,fcd6ae8c,f823ef2c) at _bwrite+0x6d
_vn_bwrite(fcd6ae8c,f823ef2c,f8e3c140,fcd6aeac,f81363a8) at _vn_bwrite+0xe
_bawrite(f8e3c140) at _bawrite+0x30
_vflushbuf(f8816280,0,f8816280,0,fcd6aedc) at _vflushbuf+0x78
_genfs_fsync(fcd6aefc) at _genfs_fsync+0x20
_ffs_sync(f896b600,2,f8816b80,f89c9000,f896b600) at _ffs_sync+0xf2
_sys_sync(f89c9000,fcd6af88,fcd6af80,0,f7bfddf4) at _sys_sync+0x55
_syscall() at _syscall+0x248
--- syscall (number 36) ---

Thanks for any help.

Is this mailing list relayed to a newsgroup somewhere and is that why,
most every time I send mail to this list, I get a new set of spam sent
to me?  How does one put a fake address in using MH to stop that?

-- Chuck