Subject: Re: kern/4099: Gather coredumps in one place
To: Ty Sarna <>
From: Missing - presumed fed. <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/09/1997 15:36:38
Let _me_ clarify.

Okay, I re-read what you wanted.  The unwieldy does not apply to the core-
files themselves, but more to their pathnames, i.e. I could see us
creating files like


[or put the directory name somewhere else]

Personally, one of the things I like about 'ls' is that it columnizes
its output.  Get just one of those in a directory and that goes out
the window.  I'd just as soon not see this in a pathname. 

I presume that the reason you wanted a directory name was to put it
in the core file name format somewhere.  This is the discussion that
was being bandied about; if I've missed the point -again-, I certainly
apologise for the misunderstanding.

As far as process root, real root, and mortuary (cwd at time of death) go,
why not just extricate the dev/ino data from the vnode and leave it to the


Sun hardware is great stuff.  It's too bad their software has taken
such a downturn.