Subject: Re: routing
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Dustin Sallings <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/08/1997 16:58:36
On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Peter Seebach wrote:

# >The route command accepts a flag "-interface", where instead of
# >specifying a remote gateway to the destination, you specify the local
# >address of an interface which will be used to transmit to the directly
# >reachable destination.
# >Does that already do what you want, or am I missing something?
# Not if you have several interfaces with the same IP address, which is a
# fairly common approach to PPP; i.e., le0 would be, ppp0
# would be<->, etc etc. 

	I'm confused.  Why would this change just because you have more
than one interface with the same IP address?  If you tell it to go out a
particular interface, which the -interface flag is documented to do, then
who cares what the address of that function is, as long as the packet goes
out it?

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