Subject: Re: Installing NetBSD/sparc from Solaris 2.6
To: Alan Perry <>
From: Paul Kranenburg <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/08/1997 23:04:27
> I booted the target machine off the 2.6 CD-ROM and repartitioned the disk,
> newfs'ed
> it and installed NetBSD.  I also used the 2.6 installboot to put bootxx
> onto the disk.
> However, this did not result in a bootable NetBSD disk.

You might try:

	(1) using solaris installboot + the solaris first stage bootstrap
	    to point at a NetBSD second stage boot program (eg. `/boot').
	    (maybe  this is would you did, I'm not sure exactly how
	     solaris does these things)


	(2) using all of solaris bootstrap programs and just tell them
	    to boot the kernel `/netbsd'. (but maybe it cannot load
	    anything but a ELF kernel).

Of course you can also boot over the net from your other machine. I seem
to remember that you can even have the machine TFTP the netbsd kernel
directly (in stead of another boot program), but I'm not really sure.