Subject: daily CVS update output
To: None <,,,>
From: Charlie Root <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/05/1997 04:39:56
Updating src and othersrc trees:
U src/lib/libc/time/Arts.htm
cvs server: warning: src/lib/libc/time/Music is not (any longer) pertinent
U src/lib/libc/time/README
U src/lib/libc/time/Theory
U src/lib/libc/time/WWW.htm
U src/lib/libc/time/localtime.c
U src/lib/libc/time/private.h
U src/lib/libc/time/scheck.c
U src/share/zoneinfo/africa
U src/share/zoneinfo/asia
U src/share/zoneinfo/australasia
U src/share/zoneinfo/europe
U src/share/zoneinfo/
U src/share/zoneinfo/northamerica
U src/share/zoneinfo/southamerica
U src/share/zoneinfo/
U src/sys/arch/alpha/common/bus_dma.c
U src/sys/arch/alpha/common/sgmap_typedep.c
U src/sys/arch/alpha/common/sgmapvar.h
U src/sys/arch/alpha/pci/lcareg.h
U src/sys/arch/i386/i386/machdep.c
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/bootxx/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/libsa/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/libsa/netif_sun.c
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/netboot/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3/stand/ufsboot/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/bootxx/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/libsa/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/libsa/netif_sun.c
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/netboot/Makefile
U src/sys/arch/sun3x/stand/ufsboot/Makefile
U src/sys/compat/linux/linux_file.c
U src/sys/dev/isa/isadma.c
U src/sys/dev/scsipi/scsi_base.c
U src/usr.sbin/nfsd/nfsd.c

Killing core files:

Updating the SUP server configuration files:
make: don't know how to make inst-if-chg-current. Stop

Running the SUP scanner:
SUP Scan for current starting at Fri Sep  5 04:28:42 1997
SUP Scan for current completed at Fri Sep  5 04:31:22 1997
SUP Scan for mirror starting at Fri Sep  5 04:31:22 1997
SUP Scan for mirror completed at Fri Sep  5 04:37:21 1997

Updating file list:
-rw-rw-r--  1 root  wheel  316468 Sep  5 04:39 ls-lRA.gz