Subject: Re: README: -current broken for a while
To: Ted Lemon <>
From: Tom T. Thai <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/1997 12:17:47
OK guys.. like I said b4, communication problem.  Now you know where
everyone is coming from, so talk it out privately and make some
resolutions for the better of NetBSD - cause that is your goal any how.

The licensing issue should have been talked (I mean really talked out)
about before committing the changes.  I hope you guys come to an

On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Ted Lemon wrote:

> > Wow, Ted, congratulations!  You've managed to come up with one of the
> > most self-serving false statements of this whole episode.
> No, it was not a false statement.  It may not have been your intent to
> threaten me with legal action, but that's certainly how I read it.
> And yes, you were very generous to me with your time and knowledge at
> the beginning of last week.  As your friend, I owe you a lot of beer.
> I'd like to continue owing you that beer, at least until you collect,
> rather than not being your friend anymore.
> But this is precisely why we are where we are, Chris.  You keep making
> statements that we have to take seriously.  Sure, you didn't
> *literally* threaten to sue me, and maybe you didn't even intend the
> veiled threat in your message, but it was there just the same.  You'd
> threatened another NetBSD contributor with legal action just the day
> before.  What was I to think?
> I am in hock up to my elbows paying for a house right now.  If I had
> to defend against a lawsuit, I'd probably wind up not being able to
> make my mortgage.  I like you, Chris, but I don't know you well enough
> to know when you're really seriously considering taking me to court
> and when you're just flaming - I mean, how many times have we actually
> been face-to-face - ten?  If you hadn't brought lawyers into this, my
> reaction and probably core's reaction would have been a lot milder.
> As it is, you shouldn't be surprised when people start having paranoid
> fantasies about you - this is real life, not a game.  We're hacking on
> NetBSD for fun, not to get sued.   It really sucks that as a result of
> this schism, my job at Vixie Enterprises (no, I am not logically a
> consultant right now) is in jeopardy, and if I keep it, I will no
> longer be getting paid to hack on NetBSD.
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