Subject: Re: README: -current broken for a while
To: Chris G. Demetriou <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/1997 09:45:39
> Wow, Ted, congratulations!  You've managed to come up with one of the
> most self-serving false statements of this whole episode.

No, it was not a false statement.  It may not have been your intent to
threaten me with legal action, but that's certainly how I read it.
And yes, you were very generous to me with your time and knowledge at
the beginning of last week.  As your friend, I owe you a lot of beer.
I'd like to continue owing you that beer, at least until you collect,
rather than not being your friend anymore.

But this is precisely why we are where we are, Chris.  You keep making
statements that we have to take seriously.  Sure, you didn't
*literally* threaten to sue me, and maybe you didn't even intend the
veiled threat in your message, but it was there just the same.  You'd
threatened another NetBSD contributor with legal action just the day
before.  What was I to think?

I am in hock up to my elbows paying for a house right now.  If I had
to defend against a lawsuit, I'd probably wind up not being able to
make my mortgage.  I like you, Chris, but I don't know you well enough
to know when you're really seriously considering taking me to court
and when you're just flaming - I mean, how many times have we actually
been face-to-face - ten?  If you hadn't brought lawyers into this, my
reaction and probably core's reaction would have been a lot milder.

As it is, you shouldn't be surprised when people start having paranoid
fantasies about you - this is real life, not a game.  We're hacking on
NetBSD for fun, not to get sued.   It really sucks that as a result of
this schism, my job at Vixie Enterprises (no, I am not logically a
consultant right now) is in jeopardy, and if I keep it, I will no
longer be getting paid to hack on NetBSD.