Subject: Re: Licensing constraints...?????
To: Phil Knaack <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/28/1997 11:59:34
On August 28, you wrote:
> 	If you were to extend this line of thinking you would be forced to
> admit that the only way to properly distribute the files is in an encrypted
> form, where they decription key is actually the entire copyright/license
> text.  Thus you would be required to obtain the copyright to obtain the
> rest of the code.
> 	Now we all know that's a little ridiculous, don't we?

  This is ALL getting a little ridiculous.  Aren't we supposed to be
developing an operating system here?  It seems that, very recently,
the focus has shifted to prime virgin ambulance-chaser territory.

  Kinda makes me sick to my stomach.

> P.S.: If NetBSD or any other "free" OS starts doing this or something like
>       it I will sell all of my computers and become a masonry apprentice.

  Been considering veterinary medicine, myself...

                        -Dave McGuire