Subject: Re: README: atapi support merged
To: Manuel BOUYER <>
From: Nathan J Williams <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/28/1997 00:50:35
   can either attach to an scsibus or an atapibus (currently, only
   cd can attach on an atapibus on the i386). This needed some name changes
   to all the low-level scsi drivers. They should work, unless I've made some
   typo in the changes. Only the i386 drivers have been tested after the merge.
   If you encounter any problem, let me know.

	I sup'd the new sources and rebuilt a kernel on my NEC Versa
2405CD, hoping to actually use the removable CD for the first time
under NetBSD. It didn't work. First symptom was simply that the cd
device wasn't found; I got "atapibus0 at wdc0" but nothing after
that. Frobbing with some debug flags and looking at the code finally
got me to get these error messages out of the wdc driver:

wdc_atapi_get_params: probing drive 0
wdc_atapi_get_params: wait_for_unbusy failed for drive 0: status 1 error 4
wdc_atapi_get_params: probing drive 1
wdc_atapi_get_params: wait_for_unbusy failed for drive 1: status 1 error 4

	Unfortunately, I don't know where to go with this error; it's
coming from the lowest level of the controller and I have no idea how
to interpret it. 

(an aside: when I first turned on ATAPI_DEBUG2, I got an unending
stream of "wdcstart: null xfer" "wdcstart: drive 0". Is this normal wd
behaviour being spwewd forth in gory detail, or an indication of a problem?)

	Any ideas? I'm willing to run experiments on the machine.

	- Nathan