Subject: Re: Annoying panics...
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/27/1997 20:53:55
> > Does anyone know why the following panic would occur?
> > 
> > pmap_alloc_pv: pgi_nfree inconsistent
> I used to get that same panic occassionally during reboot, in the part
> where it ran fsck.

I saw this a few times while working on the esp driver.  As far as I can
tell, it looks like a bug in the pmap module on the mac68k port (possibly
on other m68k ports, too).  I also was having trouble with an occasional
MMU fault panic from pmap_is_modified (called from vm_object_page_clean).
I wasn't able to pin either panic down to a repeatable case, but I think
the second was just a result of the mac's special way of signalling a
phase change on the scsi bus(*).


(*) If you care...  These machines have no DMA, but they have a dhip
    that handshakes 16-bit words like a DMA controller would.  If the
    53c96 doesn't request a data transfer within a certain amount of 
    time, the chip generates a bus error.  To handle this, the md part
    of the driver sets a flag does a setjmp and the kernel bus error
    handler does a longjmp if the flag is set.  At the time I saw those
    panics, I wasn't screening serial interrupts, so I think I got a
    serial interrupt and while I was processing that, I got bus error
    and tried to return to the scsi transfer.  I think that hosed things
    well enough that it crashed soon after.  At least, that's my guess
    as to what happened--I haven't seen either panic lately.

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