Subject: Re: "cannot lock mailbox"...
To: Simon Burge <>
From: matthew green <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/22/1997 23:09:29
i personally use home directory mail delivery... however, this isn't usable
for sites with home's on lots of machines (eg, my work).

i've had several whacky ideas on this in the past, but the one i like the
most that says as close to the '/var/mail' concept, without going too over
board in bogosity, is something like this:


where as part of account set up (eg, $HOME creation), /var/mail/$USER is
also to be created, chowned to the user, etc.  /var/mail can (and should)
be mode 755, root.wheel, so that no one can spoof mail boxes.

variations on this i've had:
	- write a mailfs that implements this all from '/var/mail' in a
	  sane manner (eg, it does something similar to the next whacked
	  out idea automagically)
	- change the paths from the above like so:
	  and have symbolic links from
		/var/mail/mrg -> /var/mail/mailboxes/mrg/Mailbox
	  (or anywhere for that matter!  eg, $HOME :-).

the pros of these two methods is that /var/mail/$USER continues to work
as previous...  however, all ideas here have the con of "extra work for
the system admin" even if it's updating the new user script.