Subject: Re: Stair-step telnet
To: C Kane <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/21/1997 10:16:00
The HPUX system doesn't properly negotiate LINEMODE.  Either run telnetd on
the NetBSD system with the -k flag or create a second port for telnetd with
the -k.  I personally leave the normal telnetd alone.  Then in
/etc/services I have:

kltelnet        169/tcp                   # DAVE - hack for stupid telnets

And in /etc/inetd.conf I have:

kltelnet    stream  tcp   nowait  root   /usr/libexec/telnetd telnetd -k

Then on braindamaged systems where I wish to telnet to NetBSD systems, I
telnet to port 169.

	telnet netbsd-host 169

Better yet, replace HPUX on the hp with NetBSD!!!


> I know I've seen this issue before but can't seem to find it in the
> archives.
> On my local (HP-UX) system, "stty -a" shows opost is turned on.  If I
> telnet to a NetBSD-i386/1.2G (snap-970815) system, usually telnet works
> correctly, but occasionally I get "stair-steps" with the output
> lines.  When I exit from the NetBSD system, I *always* get stairstep
> lines on my local system and "stty -a" shows that opost is turned off.
> How does this happen and how might I fix it?
> Thanks..
> -- Chuck