Subject: Re: config and swap
To: Sean Sweda <>
From: Colin Wood <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/19/1997 17:09:50
Sean Sweda wrote:
> Is it still necessary to specifiy which devices should be used for
> swap in the kernel config directive (used to be "swap on xxx" or
> something like that).  I've looked around in the man pages but
> I can't find anything definitive.  Does "swapctl" now have control
> over this rather than the kernel config file?  If you still have
> to config it, what is the syntax?
> Sorry if this was big news a while back and I missed it, I haven't
> had time to track -current until recently.  :-)

Under -current, you no longer specify swap in the kernel config file (if
you try, config will bitch about it die).  Just make sure that you have
swap properly specified in your /etc/fstab or else swapctl won't use it

I hope this helps.


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