Subject: Re: AMD and -current ???
To: Urban Boquist <>
From: Feico Dillema <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/19/1997 12:54:53
In message <>you wrote:
>AMD works fine for me, but I probably have a "simpler" setup than you
>have. I don't use that feature about local vs. remote
>home-directories. If the remote doesn't respond, my mounts will hang
Yes, my setup behaves similar as yours, while it shouldn't. When the 
nfs mount fails or does not finish before delay:=4 seconds, it should 
try to do the local thing. However, it hangs, and it core dumps (I  think)
when I interrupt a hanging `ls $HOME' for example.

>until it does. I've never seen any core-dumps though.

I guess, I need to find some time to build amd with DEBUGging on, and
see what it tells me. (amd-option `-x all', doesn't tell me much).