Subject: Re: whackiness with com configuration...
To: None <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/15/1997 14:35:54
>> Ummm- I configured a kernel with last night's sup and ran it on my
>> alphaPC164.... After attempting and succeeding in attaching about 500
>> com ports it ran out of kernel memory allocations and died.
>> Thoughts? I s'pose I could delve into some of the recent changes, but it
>> kinda wasn't what I was hoping to do today.....
>Obviously, the changes to the MI ISA 'com' driver in the last couple
>of days... didn't work so well!  8-)
>A workaround can probably be had: change com* to comN, until the
>problem is fixed.

Umm... Very ironic. I was just booting a kernel with com0/com1 fixed
instead of com* in the config file- I haven't been working on it until
about 15 minutes ago...

There's a weakness in the com_isa_probe where it used to
take note of comconsattached and force bus_space map probing,
thus setting the return from the probe routine if it fails-
otherwise it's an always true return.

I think, yes, for the momemnt, that com0/com1 is the best choice.
Shall I?