Subject: Re: MH-8.6.3 under -current?
To: Seth Hettich <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/1997 20:05:54
I managed to get 6.8.4 to compile thusly:

version: MH 6.8.4 #9[UCI] ( of Sun Apr 27 18:20:23 PDT 1997
options: [ATTVIBUG] [BIND] [BSD42] [BSD43] [BSD44] [FLOCK]
         [FOLDPROT='"0700"'] [GECOS_HACK] [MHE] [MHRC] [MIME]
         [MORE='"/usr/bin/more"'] [MSGPROT='"0600"'] [NORUSERPASS]
         [ZONEINFO] is a SPARC LX running NetBSD-current. I recall having to
fight the baroque build system that MH uses (and cursed it often while
doing so). If diffs would be useful, I could probably make them.

	Erik <>

P.S.	mhn badly needs an update to current MIME, or it needs to be shot dead.