Subject: Re: What is a snapshot?
To: Leo Bicknell <>
From: Jukka Marin <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/1997 23:10:20
> I think more frequent releases are good for a few other reasons:
> 	1) It brings all the code into sync more often, which helps
> 	   keep development consistant.
> 	2) It gets more people using the code, as many will only use
> 	   released code.  There are a lot of bug-finders out there
> 	   that aren't being taken advantage of.

Agreed!  Agreed! :-)

> 	3) It creates a more marketable product, which gets more
> 	   people on board.


> 	Finally, cross-compiling.  Is it possible (eg has someone
> done it) to cross compile each NetBSD archecture from a single box
> and end up with usable systems?  That is, could we make one
> "supercompiler" box that generated snapshots for every platform?
> That would allow a smaller number of people to generate a larger
> number of snapshots in a reasonable amount of time.

Would be interesting.  A SS1 isn't that fast doing a full build.. while
a P166 does it in a few hours.



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