Subject: Re: HP SJ 5P SCANNER on IPX NetBSD-current
To: maillist alias for CWW <>
From: Rob Healey <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/03/1997 09:43:26
> Stailey's changes got me to having the ss0 device show up on
> boot, together with scsi id string reported by the scanner, but
> at the next step, it prints out the  "..... 5p" string and
> hangs forever.
> It worked on this IPX in April, and the scanner currently works on a Win95
> machine . Clarence Wilkerson

	This is EXACTLY what happens to me under NetBSD/Amiga as well. B^(.

	Scanner works fantastically under the native OS, locks the SCSI
	bus REAL hard when the first packet after INQUIRY is sent to it.

	It's been driving me up the wall for almost 2 months trying to
	figure out WHY!?!? I have the HP development package for it but
	it's REALLY lean on low level programming "Why don't you just
	use the Win95 drivers for your NetBSD PC" isn't the most useful
	advice from the boneheads in HP tech support...

	Anyways, if anybody knows what's going on I would love to know!