Subject: Network media selection & documentation
To: None <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/03/1997 14:32:32

I notice that quite a few of the network drivers in /sys/dev/isa
and /sys/dev/pci don't include <net/if_media.h>, and I presume
this means they still use the link0/link1 flags to select the
appropriate media port (?).  Or are all the remaining ones either
single-port cards or unable to do port selection in software?

One other thing which bugs me in this area is that it's currently
a little difficult to get at what exact strings to use together
with the ifconfig media option -- the man page for ifconfig
simply points onwards to the man pages for the individual
drivers.  It would really be nice if e.g. all ethernet drivers
used the same keywords for the same media options, and ensuring
this consistency is a bit hard if the options are documented
multiple places.

Besides, in NetBSD-current as of about a month ago very few of
the individual ethernet driver man pages contain the list of
strings to use with the ifconfig media selection option.  On top
of that I find that at least the man page for the "ep" driver to
be somewhat confusing (in that it first documents the informative
strings printed by the driver instead of the options you can give
to ifconfig media) or possibly misleading (from a brief
inspection of the code it appears that "10base2" isn't a valid
media option, but "bnc" is).

Besides, a few man pages for ethernet device drivers are what I
would characterize as a bit "thin", in that they mention nothing
about the ifconfig media option (e.g. whether media selection is
supported at all, and whether it's done via link0/link1 or the
media option).  Of note here is the "le" and the "ed" man pages.

It would be really nice if someone would brush up this before
1.3 goes out the door...

- H=E5vard