Subject: RE: Water Spam
To: 'current-users@NetBSD.ORG' <current-users@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jung, Michael <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/31/1997 11:21:31
I just happen to be on this mail list and have access to 
at the sendmail logs on ( the spam  
originated from a user on AOL.  ThePoint has contacted AOL and 
AOL is researching the mail logs so as to terminate this user.  

Additionally ThePoint is working on adding filters to sendmail so to
allow mail to be accepted for domains it serves.

More spent bandwidth here but I wanted to let everyone know it is being

Michael Jung (MJ548)
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>On Thu, Jul 31, 1997 at 04:12:03PM +0900, Minoru Oikawa wrote:
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>>  Who are you? >
>Just realized after my post.. this person is not having their domain
>correctly set, and thus is resolving to the boxen who handle it at the
>mail gateway (I must assume), as my mail is handled throgh the
> as stated above (I keep forgetting that they
>my MX record, if it showed up at the hagan addreess, I would have been
>arrogant in my assumptions in the last post - welll, ok I would have,
>tried to intellectualize it to the point where I am now ;)) , and I'm
>sure everyone is getting their host name (or the name of their mail
>for POP accounts). Cute. Left a respond to... hmm, have to verify if
>is indeed the sender, and in the case of sending 'broken' mail,
>their isp/connect about the means of the transaction.
>- Shawn
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